Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Top 10 influential blog

"people with such wonderful thoughts...."

if there is a thing we call, last song syndrome,, after reading their blogs,, i think there is what we could call, last line syndrome,, lines which you keep thinking for the rest of the day...

The picture showcases different inspirational words, and as i look on the picture, these 10 influential bloggers are the ones that crossed my mind, simply because they are our inspirations..

Reading their blogs have greatly influenced me to make better post.., i admire how they can write on almost everything =), i wonder where they get their inspiration and selflessly share to everyone their thoughts and unknowingly touch everyone's life, and so i nominate them to be in The Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs of 2009!

These are my nominees for Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs of 2009:

1. Roy The Struggling Blogger

2. Doctor Z of Zorlone

3. Jan Geronimo of WritingToExhale

4. Angel Cuala of Father Blogger dot com

5. Irene of LifeLots

6. Luke of A Walk In The Dark

7. Holly Jahangiri of It’s all a matter of Perspective: Mine

8. Bingkee of I Love/Hate America

9. Kelvin Servigon of Kelvinonian Ideas 2.0

10. Dee of Tales From The Mom Side

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  1. Hi Amii,

    Thanks a lot for nominating WritingToExhale in your list of top influential blogs of 2009. I'm very much honored by your generosity.

    Congrats as well to my fellow nominees. ",)

  2. Amii,

    Thank you for the nomination!


    A sweet girl with bright wise eyes,
    tender and admirable to many.
    Listen to eager speaking minds,
    of a challenge faced so bravely.

    These organs suprarenal as may be,
    are understandably difficult to some.
    But this voice spoken from your lips,
    repainted with colors - so awesome!


  3. Sir Z,

    Awww..=)(can't help but to smile...)
    God really have blessed you with such a great talent...

    you're so much welcome sir... you deserve to be nominated and to WIN...=)

  4. Jan,

    You're welcome..
    I have read some of your post.. they're really nice..
    you deserve it..=)

    God bless..

  5. This is to mark your entry as complete and included you in the raffle as well. Hope you can join this Saturday.

  6. Hi Amii!

    I'm late, but better late than later ;)

    thank you very much for voting for me in the influential blogs contest. I appreciate it very much.

    I am also glad to finally meet all of this afternoon.

    Take care.

  7. Sir Roy,

    you're very much welcome sir.,
    you deserve to be voted.. and to win..=)

    anyway sir,, thank you for the pins,, they're nice..

  8. Thanks a lot for the vote, Amii. You're the best. :)

    -Luke of A Walk in The Dark
    A Jedi shall not know fear.

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