Thursday, November 19, 2009

My First......


First things you'll observe to know it's IMMUNOLOGY SECTION:
a.) Axsym ( na plagi nasisira) ahahah
b.) BIG log books
c.) Yellow top blood specimen
d.) Wlang "tao" (ahahaha)

Hmm those were the first things i have observed in the section, hmm...? i really can't remeber mt fist day in the Immunology section,, first is because there is really nothing much to do,, many times i get bored, specially when it's not running day or if the machine was out of order.. and second is because i was afraid of my first staff, Ma'am Michelle (chief MT), but later on i realized that there is nothing to fear,, as she always tell me " I DON'T EAT PEOPLE" aheheh,


I was so excited to be in the Hematology section, (since it was my favorite subject way back in school) i enjoy the work a lot, i enjoy being busy(aheheh) but it was also in the section that i got my first "CASE", what is it? it's a secret.. something a bit serious.. I remeber my self crying when i got home.. but on the brighter side its another Lesson learned..


The first day? i was absent,, ahahah,, the only thing i could remember about the section is the word "TIRED" its something you'll really feel after a day at the section,, but its worth it,,

Centrifuge-Log-Label with number-Run all Electrolytes-Run the test-while waiting get Previous Results-Record results-have it checked by the staff-Type-let the staff sign-have it counter signed-DONE!!!!

It's a bit long process huh??

Next sections?? You'll see them soon...


  1. Nakakatuwa naman ang mga observations mo. lol. Kaya iyan. I heard di na kayo natutulog? Ang sipag ninyo ha.

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