Tuesday, June 30, 2009

answer to quiz

1. Adrenal glands are also called suprarenal because they are situated above the kidney

2.Adrenal Cortex that produces hormones that are important in the body.
3.Adrenal Medulla that produces Emergency hormones

4.Zona Glomerulosa
5. Zona Fasciculata
6. Zona Reticularis

7. Adrenal Medulla

8. Chromaffin cells

9. Zona Glomerulosa

10. Zona Fasciculata


1. What could be the doctor’s diagnosis of Tony’s condition?

The patient has hypertension and hypokalemia can be diagnosed to have hyperaldosteronism

2. What could account for Tony’s complaints

The patients headaches, dizziness, restlessness, and nervousness are probably due to hypertension, while the palpitation, fatigue and polyuria are due to hypokalemia

3.What other diseases could have triggered the condition of Tony?

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