Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Quiz: Proper Patient Identification

I. True or False

1. Proper Patient identification is essential in the Health care profession.

2. If patient is not conscious, one must leave and wait until the patient wakes up before the performance of the procedure.

3. If a witness is needed for a consent, always volunteer yourself, to help the patient.

4. If the patient is not lucid, you should do everything to find the patient.

5. In identifying the patient, you should ask the patient his name loud and clear.

6. It is a means of identifying unconscious patients in the hospital.

7. It is one of the most common clerical errors in the laboratory.

Give essential information for proper Patient Identification.

II. Case Study

Make an outline for the proper pre-testing procedure with the cases below:

1. Patient A located at the Intensive Care Unit of the hospital was given a request for a blood culture.
2. Patient B, a walk-in patient with a request for CBC
3. Patient C, in-patient at admission, not found in the room reported in the nurse station.


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