Sunday, September 6, 2009

Drug testing

Drug testing, is there really a need?

Personally, I really can’t make a stand whether to agree or disagree if drug testing must be done as a requirement in admission to schools, because there are lots of opposing reasons that keep me from deciding, I have list down some of the pros and cons of requiring drug testing for admission.



It would assure that the school has drug free students thus giving the school a virtuous reputation.

Not all schools can afford the expenses for the drug testing (e.g. Public schools)

Parents of the students studying with a school requiring Drug testing for admission would be worry free of their sons and daughters being involved in such acts.

Not all students could remain drug free for the rest of the years he/she would be staying in school, and since the school would only require drug testing in admission, there are still chances that students would be involved in drugs.

Students are guided more with the effects of illegal drugs, since a part of drug testing is counseling students about the consequences of drug addiction.

No one can really be certain that students could control themselves from taking illegal drugs since students are not always in school or at home, they go out with their friends once in awhile.

When I was in high school, the school was startled to hear the news that one student was actually selling street drugs in school, so urgently they called for the students involved and called for their respective parents, and so to cut the story short, they decided to conduct drug testing among students involved.

With that story, I realized the importance of drug testing in schools, but as stated above, there are a lot of reasons and opposing factors like moral issues since most of the students are minors, plus one thing is, what if the student was found out positive for the drugs?, is that the end of the scene? Would the administration just let the applicants and just not admit him/her to school? It would be negligence on the part of the administration to just let the students who are proved to be positive for drugs.


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